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June 2008
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So I'm back from my trip to Asheville NC. An interesting trip that starts out with me not sleeping for a day and a half.On Friday, I didn't go to sleep before my 3:30 am hour long drive up to the Albany airport. Which really sucked because there were thunderstorms all the up and they got worse the closer to Albany. They didn't affect my flight though. So I got on the plane to Detroit and then Asheville. The weather in Asheville made me wish I had brought shorts. Hot and humid. Bleck! Least I was in a hotel and not camping like my parents and brother. Anyway saw family had a surprise b-day party for my great uncle who turned 75. (the whole point of this trip). Originally was supposed to come back yesterday but as there were scheduling snafus with the family I ended up pushing my flight back a day to stay for the rest of the events. Now for the almost hospital worthy allergy/asthma attack. The pollen down there is so thick on the ground you can feel it through the bottoms of your shoes. The minute I stepped outside the airport my sinuses went into overdrive so that by Friday night I couldn't hardly breath through my nose. Saturday morning my asthma decided to kick in which in and of itself is unusual. It just got worse so that by Sunday morning I was having a bit of trouble breathing. Well where's my inhalor you ask? At home back here of course. Really bad timing.
So I drug my self up with a claritin, 2 decongestants, benedryl, and advil. Didn't do a thing. At Detroit we sat in the plane for half an hour almost had to call the flight because of my breathing problems and no inhalor. Not a fun time. Other than my allergies the trip was good and pretty uneventful

So my first feis is coming up on April 28th. Getting all excited. Doing all sorts of research and stuff. Only 18 more days. So can't wait.

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On top of all the other things I have to do I've taken on two major projects. The first one is to make a regency era wardrobe (dresses not the furniture). I've pretty much got everything but the fabric, shoes, and gloves. This will eventually lead to me going to a Regency era dance workshop and then a ball. The second project is to do research my family, both my mom's side and my dad's side.

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I am now told that we have about 4 ft. of snow on the ground. I wonder if they'll cancel classes again. Not that it would matter to me. I don't have to go outside. I am getting tired of looking at the white nothingness though. With the exception of this morning for the last 2 days it's been whiteout. While I don't have to go outside it's getting to the point when I have to just because I'm beginning to get sick of being inside. The stupid rattle is driving me crazy and it's nothing I can really fix either. If this keeps up like it has been then I won't be going to dance tomorrow. I'll miss it but I don't want my rides out in this weather. having 2 days off in a row is not likely but it's happened. Another one on Friday? Who knows? Oh well off to do whatever it is I have to do.

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